MoCA L.I.ghts 2022

MoCA L.I.ghts 2022 will transform downtown Patchogue into L.I.’s  only immersive, open-air museum with site-specific projected installations on both modern & historic architecture throughout the downtown to be viewed by the public at not cost on foot, by car, or live-streamed. Surrounding businesses will again become a vibrant backdrop to this unique arts experience, rejuvenating and illuminating the Village for spectators of all ages. The work of over 100 local, national, & international artists of varied career levels – emerging, mid-career, and well-established – will be presented through programs such as: Art on the Marquee (AoM), LIVE Experimentation Labs, ARTchitecture, Night Visions Projected Pop-Up Gallery (NVP), Themescape Activated, Garden of Sculpted deLights, Projection inspired performance, and educational opportunities for artists interested in learning how to work in digital processes. In partnership with Cornell Cooperative and the Pat-Med Library, there will also be contemporary art & local history walking tours as well as onsite family friendly educational programs that coincide with a number of the projection projects. 

ARTCHITECTURE | October 13 – 16 from 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM each evening Site-specific projections will illuminate the facades of contemporary and historic architecture, including some of Patchogue’s most beloved buildings located throughout the Downtown. 

PAC • MoCA L.I.  | 20 Terry Street  Facade | Lights on MoCA L.I.