In a hectic and uncertain world flooded with images and information, it is important to pause now and then to consciously take in our surroundings and what is happening on around us — the little things and the big things. This can be the beauty of a blossom in the sun or glittering raindrops on a window pane: things in their interactions, people in motion.

Through my paintings, I would like to generate a moment of contemplation, of concentrated and contemplative observation, mindfulness. In the moment when viewers stop and pause, their engagement with the painting should lead them to get in touch with their feelings, thoughts and fantasies. I see, I feel, I think, I am!

I want to use my art to create an awareness, in the broadest sense, of our world — with all its contradictions, conflicts and social struggles — and, with them, the structures of life.

Perceiving, discovering, exploring and forming structures is, in the most general sense, my overarching theme.

Being on the move and unswervingly pursuing, developing and realizing a thing is meaningful to me. I find spontaneity, dynamism and expressiveness reflected in a highly evocative pictorial structure important. My art is meant to touch its viewers emotionally and to energize them.

I attempt to unite opposites, for example, spontaneity and structure. Small details are important, because they are what allows complex formations to result. In all of this, I enjoy the freedom to pursue different approaches.

Photo: Nicolai Stephan