Et Tu, Art Brute?

AEG Underground Andrew Edlin Gallery
212 Bowery NYC 10012
Organized by Jamie Sterns

Exhibition Dates: November 17th – January 28th
Opening reception: November 17th, 6-8pm
Link: www.5537gallery.com

Andrew Edlin Gallery is pleased to announce a new project, Et Tu, Art Brute?, which will be on view in our underground space. What is the definition of an artist today? How does it feel to make art? Who is allowed to participate and on what terms? These are some of the questions that Et Tu, Art Brute? explores. This show has a very simple premise; we invite everyone—no matter their background, ability, level of success or anonymity—to contribute an original work of art. Through this show we want to expand the parameters of who can be a part of the art world, who can be called an artist, and how art articulates one’s agency in the world. The desire to make art is limitless and Et Tu, Art Brute? aims to highlight the global scale and desire to express, experiment and create. At AEG Underground we seek to unlock our doors and create a space where anyone is welcome. In conjunction with this show there will be events and a publication. Details to be announced. Jamie Sterns is a curator and writer based in New York City. She is currently the Curatorial Director of Interstate Projects and works in the Art Department at NYU. She holds a Masters degree from Goldsmiths University.

Dr. Detlef E. Aderhold