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ON THE EDGE Exhibition

On the Edge” is the Federation’s annual challenge for Artists to test their limits and push their creative boundaries. Featuring international artists, this exhibition highlights artworks made by those who are working and thinking a little differently.

I have been interested in the possibility for painting to function as its own hybrid language for a long time. Painting folds into itself many types of languages: drawing, color, shape and symbols as heterogenous meaning-making elements that are given over to the viewer to transcode and unpack. In the work presented, the organizing principle is my use of symbols and signs. I have laid these numerals and letters on top of a background with fine structures created by the reaction of different materials like acrylic and lacquer, but in fragmented form and not as legible symbols. These fragments of letters and numerals provide the painting with structure, give it resilience. My painting “Genau 2” presents a structure of this kind, a web that I have derived from scientific formulas, but which can also call calligraphy to mind.