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Spontaneity creates structure

Detlef Aderhold’s colourful, enigmatic paintings refuse to submit to ordinary categorisations. With a stimulating ambiguity, they walk a fine line between figurative and abstract painting, between artistic intentionality, experiment and chance. The artist rejects not only definitive categories, but also explicit content. Instead, he unceasingly, rigorously and intensely investigates the possibilities of the image itself: its associative force, its autonomy and its immanent logic are given palpable form.

Dr Gabriele Himmelmann, art historian

“Aderhold describes himself as “curious mix of a young and an old artist.” He..has only recently begun to make his paintings in earnest. Depth of character mixes together with freshness.. They seem, for lack of a better phrase, breathed into—as though the artist has chosen to animate them into being, versus simply “make” them.”

Aimee Walleston,editor and art critic, New York